Andrea R. Tomitsch

was born on March 20,  1957  in Leoben.

She completed her first artistic training from 1972 to 1977 at the HTL Kunst Graz/Higher Technical  School for Artistic Vocations, today known as the Ortwein School; Department of sculpture with Josef Pillhofer and painting with Adolf Osterider.

Those who attended the sculpture classes of Josef Pillhofer, left the school with an orientation towards the classical modern, familiar with the gestalt-like techtonics (Wotruba: human being as defiant ruin), volumes (Laurens: extreme tension in the form), transformation (Picasso: matchbox car as the muzzle of a baboon), thorough bass of an ensemble of forms (“Balzac” by Rodin, Brancusi’s animals, Henry Moore…).  Diversification of forms in space, briefly: “no bird falls from a branch” without being able to redeem it compositionally. To put it graphically: a good sculpture is one where all the parts belong together as do the rhymes of a poem, they are stringently related to each other as long as one has not chosen the contrary as his theme; because every artistic project should be as pointedly exemplified as possible.

One is thus equipped for the requirement of aesthetic stability and arrives in a world in which everything appears to be in contradictory motion. Especially the political-social, which of course also brings turbulence to the arts. The expression of the time is experimental and actionist. The classical modern is not completely lost, but it is well integrated and represented by the war-generation.

Whoever now, at the end of the 70’s, leaves the Applied Arts School must widen his/her repertoire and needs a lot of staying power. Andrea R. Tomitsch commands both.

She concentrates now on abstract painting; that is truly to abstract an apparent reality or intensify an emotionally atmospheric perception. For Andrea R. Tomitsch, this abstract painting was naturally the liberation from the formality of the tectonic sculpture, where one’s personality is almost entirely limited to the selection and development of a spatial concept, the clarity of form and to the maintenance of the work process.  In Andrea R. Tomitsch’s painting there are now increasingly broken colours and the ductus is oriented to the movements of the work of painting, the signature, not like in sculpture, where one understands ductus mainly as the changing of a basic form. But the volume of the colour remains sculpturally weighted.

In 1985 she founded the artists’ group LeobArt with Rewo and Santoni Niessl, organised and attended symposia and showed her work in many exhibitions in Germany and Austria.


Photography and Video
Soon she widened her artistic forms of expression to include photography and video. An entire concept was created: objects – photos – video, with the title “Like a phoenix from the ashes”.  This was presented in 1990 in a one-person exhibition in the  Neuen Rathaus Leoben,  in the  United Art Gallery in Vienna and in the Dungl- Zentrum in Gars am Kamp.

There followed prizes such as:

  • Purchase prize from the „Kleinen Galerie” in Vienna.
  • Prize from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the 23rd Austrian Graphical Arts Competition  (Graphics and Video).
  • Prize of the International Film and Video Days in Krems, Austria.
  • Special prize for the best experimental film („Im Focus”/ “In focus“),
  • 1995 Computer graphics and Video film on the topic “Women imagine God”  (Kulturzentrum Minoriten).

At the same time and alongside many exhibitions in Austria and abroad, Andrea R. Tomitsch studied psychology in Graz, raised two sons, completed her Diploma as media designer, took classical singing courses and jazz singing training (with Luisa Celentano and Jay Clayton).  In addition she created comic animations, for example for the music video “Falling from Grace” (Director: Erwin Leder) and founded the music group “ReAl ART” and the „ART unlimited project”…

Abstraction – vivid reality – psychological situation
Beginning in 2013 Andrea R. Tomitsch has returned in her painting more and more to vivid reality and the reason is easy to understand.  Abstract painting is usually approached like a Rorschach test by the naive viewer who will try to find his own puzzle-solution in the picture. And that which is often  excitedly “seen” is frequently far from the artistic intention. A good abstract picture, however, should create a pre-conceptual whole – while still remaining within the rules of sculptural form – and also integrate the figure of the painter. “Pre-conceptual” means that the image does not allow itself to be transformed into a commonly understood concept. And one’s own “figure” is more or less the individual, formal basic repertoire which is always in the signature of the painter.

Andrea R. Tomitsch’s return to vivid reality, in the concrete case of portraits, creates a completely different basis for communication with the viewer. The portraits which Andrea R. Tomitsch has created are all immediately recognizable; that is, however, not her real aim. She wanted to catch the person in a characteristic, instantaneous moment as well. “I am after an intact, inner luminance of the person.” And these pictures show this, and are truly very strong, powerful solitaires!
But the newest work by Andrea R. Tomitsch show another approach as well, namely the pictures which show a psychologically charged situation, usually in a constellation of three figures. Here the figures are again strongly reduced so that their relationships to each other can be exemplarily demonstrated in a pointed manner.


Exhibitions,  exhibit participation and  symposia
2017 – Ateliergalerie ART, “60 Jahre A.R.T.“ Künstlerfest, Leoben
2017 – Atelier ART, Workshop zu “SEE THE BIG PICTURE” mit ARTomitsch, Jojo und Behrouz Mohammadi , Leoben
2016 – Ateliergalerie ART,“ Kunstgespräch in kleinem Rahmen“, Leoben
2014 – Ausstellungsraum Foyer Neues Rathaus, „Faces-Gesichter erzählen Geschichten“, Leoben
2013  – Russian-Austrian Art Center “Leopard Art Room”,  “Vernissage Weihnachtsengel”, Wien
2013 – Ateliergalerie ART,“ Kunstfest/Ausstellung“, Leoben
2012 – Raiffeisenhof, „Auf Eis gelegt“ Austritt aus dem VBK Steiermark, Graz
2012 – Ateliergalerie ART, „Menschenbilder“ 40 Jahre ARTomitsch, Leoben
2011 – Steirisches Feuerwehrmuseum, „Brandneu“ VBK Steiermark, Groß St. Florian
2011 – Pietät-Begegnungsraum, „indistinct recollection“ Malerei und Fotografie, Leoben
2011  – Ateliergalerie ART, „Dezemberbilder“, Leoben
2010  – Lurgrotte, „Wasser-Fest“ Ausstellung VBK Steiermark, Semriach
2010  – Künstlerhaus, „Zeit- und Werkzeugen“ Jahresausstellung VBK Steiermark, Graz
2009 – Ateliergalerie ART, “Digitale Fotografie und Fotomontage”, Leoben
2009  – Künstlerhaus, „Küchenstücke“  Jahresausstellung VBK Steiermark, Graz
2008  – Künstlerhaus, „Bewegung“ Jahresausstellung VBK Steiermark, Graz
2008  – Mitglied der „Vereinigung bildender Künstler Steiermark“, Graz
2006  – Volksbank, „Bindung-Ver-Bindung“,  Musik „ART unlimetid project“ ART mit Willi Ganster, Leoben
2006  – House of Okemah, „ART unlimetid projekt“ Ausstellung & Konzert (ART, Willi Ganster und Derry Grey)
2004  – Kunstraum U.Breidenbach, „Kommunikation – Interpretation“  Musik “ReAL ART”, Leoben
2004  – Gründung der Musikgruppen „ReAL ART“ und „ART unlimetid project“, Leoben
2001  – Diplom für Mediendesign, Ausstellung der Diplomarbeiten, WIFI, Graz
2000  – Vinum am Schwammerlturm, Turmausstellung „Reporting Back“, Leoben
1999  – F-Studio Andreas Schlager, Oberaich
1999 – Praxisräume Lackner “Sonderausstellung” Jazzgesang begleitet von Ewald Oberleitner, Leoben
1998  – Gösser- Sparkassenräume „Leoben im Wandel“, Mischtechnik & Collagen, Leoben
1996  – Gesangsausbildung bei Luisa Celentano /Jay Clayton, Musikhochschule/Jazz (a.H.), Graz
1996  – Beginn des Studiums der Psychologie, Graz
1996  – Ausstellung „Menschenrechte“, gemeinsam mit Amnesty International, Graz
1995  – Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten „Ja, sie ist schwarz-Frauen imaginieren Gott“ , Graz
1994  – Künstlerhaus Bregenz „Der Lauf der Dinge“, Bregenz
1994  – Minoriten-Galerien „Drei Leobner“ mit REWO und E. Baumgartner, Graz
1994  – Eröffnung der LeobART- Artothek (Ausstellung und Bilderverleih), Leoben
1994  – Doku Graz, Matinee „Der Lauf der Dinge“,“ Im Focus“,  Video und grafische Blätter, Graz
1993 – Jazzclub Broadway, “Der Lauf der Dinge”, Bass Performance (E. Oberleitner), Leoben
1993  – Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum , Innsbruck
1993  – Südtiroler Kulturinstitut Waltherhaus, Bozen
1993  – Städtische Galerie, Lienz
1991  – United Art Gallery, Wien
1991  – Theatercafe „Raum für die Kunst“ , Präsentation „In den Spuren des Prometheus“, Leoben
1991  – Schönowitz-Saal/Sparkasse, Verein für Literatur & Kunst „Im Focus“, Leoben
1991  – Dungl Zentrum, Gars am Kamp
1991  – Ausstellungszentrum Neues Rathaus „Bildende Kunst der Gegenwart“, Leoben
1990  – Kunstausstellung, 150 Jahre Montanuniversität, Leoben
1990  – Galerie Fibich, „Malerei, Grafik & Objekte“ , Bruck /Mur
1990  – Ausstellungsraum – Dr. Peter Chiba „10 Jahre Kunstzeitschrift Vernissage“, Wien
1990  – Accept „Kunst und Wirtschaft“, Wien
1989  – Kleine Galerie Kurt Nemetz „Stadtturm Judenburg“ Judenburg
1989  – Kastenhaus „Künstler an der Eisenstraße“  Vordernberg
1989 – Siebdruck-Symposion mit Klaus Krobath, Georg Brandner, Rewo und Santoni, Lassnitzhöhe
1989 – Galerie-Cafe Neugebauer, Leoben
1989  – Galerie K „Variationen einer Umgestaltung“ , Kindberg
1989  – Ausstellungszentrum Neues Rathaus, Leoben
1988  – Kleine Galerie „Kunst gegen die Gewalt heute“, Ankaufspreis,  Wien
1988  – Galerie-Cafe am Lindenplatz, Kapfenberg
1988  – Künstler-Symposion, Rosenheim / BRD
1988  – Galerie-Cafe „ Wolfi’s Büro“ „Ich male die Ruhe“, Trofaiach
1988  – Galerie im Schalterraum, Knittelfeld
1988  – Ausstellungszentrum Neues Rathaus, Leoben
1988  – 3. Nürnberger Kunstmesse, Nürnberg / BRD
1987  – Kleine Galerie, Judenburg
1987  – Galerie Payer, LeobART und Freunde, Leoben
1987  – Galerie Freller, „Personale“, Trofaiach
1987  – 1. Obersteirische Kulturtage, Galerie Payer, Leoben
1987  – 1. Atelierausstellung , Ateliergalerie Tomitsch, Leoben
1986  – Symposion LeobART zum Thema „Aktion- Installation-Video“ Atelier Tomitsch, Leoben
1986  – Stockschloß „Ausstellung LeobART“, Trofaiach
1986  – Galerie Payer „Kunst und Kunsthandwerk“, Leoben
1986  – Galerie Payer „Aktion- Installation-Video“ mit LeobART, Leoben
1986  – Galerie Moser, Graz
1986  – 3. St. Lamprechter Künstlerbegegnung, Ausstellung und Straßenmalaktion, St. Lamprecht
1985  – Symposion ( LeobART) zum Thema „Ausbruch“ Atelier Santoni, Lassnitzhöhe
1985  – Kultursaal Vordernberg,  „LeobART stellt sich vor“,  Vordernberg
1985  – Jazzsaloon-Ausstellungsraum, Graz
1985  – Gründung der Künstlergruppe LeobART mit REWO, Santoni und E. Baumgartner
1985  – Großer Kassensaal  „Grafik u. Druckgrafik österreichischer Künstler“ (mit Elfriede Ott), Leoben
1985  – Cafe-Galerie , Citykaufhaus, Leoben
1985  – Ausstellungszentrum Neues Rathaus „Leobner Künstler stellen aus“, Leoben
1985  – Ausstellungssaal-Sparkasse, Leoben
1985  – 2. Nürnberger Kunstmesse, Nürnberg  BRD
1984  – Wettbewerbsausstellung Montanuniversität, Leoben
1984  – ÖMS Ausstellungszentrum, Salzburg
1984  – Galerie Odysseus, Graz
1983  – Ausstellungszentrum Neues Rathaus „Leobner Künstler stellen aus“, Leoben
1978  – Extempore-Wettbewerbsaustellung , Klagenfurt

Many purchase prizes and works in public spaces in Austria (Graz, Leoben, Innsbruck, Vienna) and abroad (Dallas, Kapstadt, Sao Paulo, Berlin…)